Final 2045 Street/Highway Plan

The Final 2045 Street/Highway Plan is available here. The updated plan emphasizes investments that preserve existing roads in a "state of good repair" along with livability and safety improvements. The plan also acknowledges that several regional priorities - additional preservation, intersection improvements, new lanes, interchange upgrades, new bridges over railroads, a new river crossing - are needed and must find alternate funding sources to move forward.

Download the Final Plan

Download the Final Plan
Draft Plan:
Document Title Download Date Posted
Final Plan PDF 12/31/18
Cover, Resolutions of Support, and Table of Contents PDF 12/31/18
Chapter 1 - Introduction PDF 12/31/18
Chapter 2 - Vision, Goals, Objectives, Standards, Performance Measures and Targets PDF 12/31/18
Chapter 3 - Existing Conditions PDF 12/31/18
Chapter 4 - Identification of Issues PDF 12/31/18
Chapter 5 - Range of Alternatives PDF 12/31/18
Chapter 6 - Financial Plan PDF 12/31/18
Chapter 7 - Future Network and Implementation PDF 12/31/18
Appendix A - Grand Forks-East Grand Forks Metropolitan Transportation Plan Linkage to NDDOT and MnDOT Plans PDF 12/31/18
Appendix B - Public Engagement Materials and Results PDF 12/31/18
Appendix C - Red River Crossing Analysis Technical Report PDF 12/31/18
Appendix D - Regional Travel Demand Forecast Model Technical Report PDF 12/31/18
Appendix E - Revenue Forecast PDF 12/31/18
Appendix F - Current Revenue Scenario Projects PDF 12/31/18
Appendix G - Illustrative Projects PDF 12/31/18